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Unchained Melody

Feature film, Romantic comedy

Logline: A feisty free spirit and a shy bartender are rocked by feelings of ‘love at first sight’; but decide to try friendship instead of settling down, kicking off the friendship of a lifetime.

Selected for ‘Discovering New Voices: Romantic Comedy’, delivered by ScreenWorks & Hoodlum Entertainment, supported by the Screenrights Cultural Fund.

They meet.

They fall in love.

They don’t get together.

Love is friendship on fire.

What happens when you find ‘the one’ but end up with friendship? Why do we experience love at first sight? Are soulmates meant to get married? Can they be ‘just friends?’

This film explores those undeniable connections: where you feel like you’ve known someone for many lifetimes.

Most of us have experience with, or strong ideas about what that connection means.

Some say it's true love, some say it's chemical, others that that this is a soul mate thing.

The Romcom genre is tired of holding up the one long term relationship as the ideal, the prize that characters strive for. In real life, marriage is on the decline and our ideas about love are evolving. And what about friendship?

We'll explore how love is 'friendship on fire' through these characters, over a lifetime.

Various characters will argue their own case through their unique approach to love. Themes include GLBTIQ+ love, fidelity and soul connections.


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