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Sharing connection through truthful storytelling.


My name is Jess Beange

I seek truth

by exploring the human experience

to create stories that intrigue, celebrate and reveal life in a new way.

You can't separate Truth from Love.

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Away my pieces go to you

Painting patchwork colours through 

Toothpicks slay my fleshy truth

And leak away the old and new.

I want to hear the future call

Like the bell upon a wall

A clang that makes you up and run

With heels clapped nimbly by the sun.

And seek a stony place to crash

And then warm city bricks to scratch

Dusk-slumped in colours known to be

Pieces of eternity.

Now I know sly shadows egg

Softly round and past my leg

Scat and scurry across the roof

Taunting a once-lonely truth.

They dance the corner of your eye,

Braying quiet lullabies,

They smell like space and déjà vu

They taste like night, they look like you.

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Now is the time
Close your eyes
Hear it come
Now run
Child, run.

The smells of rain
And wind are
Inside you
The wind of nonchalance
Is behind you

Billow out and fly
Run child run
Chase it like the wind
Bursting in the edge
Of brilliance
Eating from the hands
Of angel birds
Singing with the dance
Of infinite.
Now is the time
Feel it rise
Make it come
And run,
Child, run.

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